Love and White Supremacy
Sara Haile-Mariam | September 13, 2018

I resonate with the idea that there are two primary forces in this world - fear and love. But I take issue with the fact that this idea doesn’t hold space for complexity. It doesn’t speak to power imbalances and oppression, micro-aggressions and systemic harm. It doesn’t speak to the status quo and the people who perpetuate it. You can feel their fear — but fear itself does not explain their actions.

The Lie of White Supremacy
Sara Haile-Mariam | September 10, 2018

White supremacy is a lie. It’s entire existence relies on the belief of itself. White supremacy relies on white people hating, distrusting and dismissing us so much that you fail to notice that the act of doing so has given you nothing. You remain without peace or true prosperity. You are no more safe than the rest of us. Not really. You may not be gunned down in your own apartment but the destruction of the Earth, of the Earth’s resources, of the humanity within you — leaves you without safety and security, too.

The Absence of Clarity
Sara Haile-Mariam | August 28, 2018

There are moments where my clarity is brilliant. Where who I am, and what I’m here to do, shines through so undeniably that I have no choice but to take action, and step forward, and keep moving with overwhelming optimism. And there are moments where confusion finds me. Where insecurity finds me. Where doubts find me. Where other people’s projections find me. Where the space between visions and present realities find me.

Free Thought
Sara Haile-Mariam | August 22, 2018

You’re conflating your “free thought” With the lies of white supremacy Drilled in from your infancy Filled in so indignantly Do you think that this monopoly On how we’ve all been taught to be Lends itself to being free? Feeds on truth’s humility? You wanna talk for a man But right there that’s where you’re wrong The man is just a letter And the system is the song And the song’s been going on

Whole Healing
Sara Haile-Mariam | August 22, 2018

I often see people share work, including my own, with the caveat of “listen up white people” or “white people you need to read this.” Do you know what that does? It marginalizes my work and centers whiteness as its audience. It tells Black and Brown People that my work isn’t for them. When the truth is that my work is first and foremost for me. Which means my work is first and foremost for them.

We Owe You Nothing
Sara Haile-Mariam | August 21, 2018

Most of my clarity was born from contrast; the result of years of bending, breaking and shaping myself to meet my perception of other peoples expectations of me. Performing to meet expectations that were ultimately rooted in white supremacy and patriarchy. I understand white supremacy because I have the insight of participating in a system that taught me to betray myself. I grew up in overwhelmingly white spaces. I was intensely and relentlessly bullied as a child, and I believe compliance became a way of coping.