We couldn’t be more excited to share “I’ll Say It How I Want To” with you all. Click here to find all the roads to get you listening - enjoy, share, love.

The video above is a lyric video we made for “Free Soul” - these songs come through us, but most of these songs are as much for us as anyone else. For me, nowhere is that more true than Free Soul. We wrote this back in 2015. Since then these words have been a reminder, a reassurance, a path back home, and a truth to lean on more times than I can count. I have yet to get through performing this song live without crying a little. Because each time I visit these words, each time I sing them, they feel a little more true.

I was born a Free Soul.

I remain a Free Soul.

There’s a lot to be hurting about. A lot of reasons to feel despondent and unsure and hopeless. And yet, even in the midst of all that - this truth doesn’t change.

You were born a Free Soul.

It means a lot to share this song with you. We hope, with our whole and entire hearts, that it helps. That it can be there for you just as it’s been there for us.

Click here to view the Lyric Video on Youtube and check out the lyrics below.

Free Soul

No amount of control

Can change that you were born a free Soul

And baby such a free Soul

Could never rock these chains

We get them when we’re so young

Before a hope has even been sung

But baby you’re a wild one

And that will never change

Sometimes you’re gonna feel low

Sometimes the ride moves so slow

But baby you’ve just gotta know

How deeply your light flows

Just gotta let it roll

Take a page from the wise ones

Set your gaze on the long run

Because when all is said and rhymed

You’ve got a right to shine

And no amount of lines

Can box your true design