You’re conflating your “free thought”

With the lies of white supremacy

Drilled in from your infancy

Filled in so indignantly

Do you think that this monopoly

On how we’ve all been taught to be

Lends itself to being free?

Feeds on truth’s humility?

You wanna talk for a man

But right there that’s where you’re wrong

The man is just a letter

And the system is the song

And the song’s been going on

And on and on

You are free to sing a long

But you ain’t right to be this wrong

And the reason why I say this

Is cause I see truth in you

The power to lead people

But let the people lead you too

We are not meant to be alone

Though sometimes that may be our preference

For when we are alone

We underestimate that difference

Makes us stronger

Interdependence makes us last

But if we are gonna build the future

The we must reckon with the past

And that’s why specificity

And attention to what’s real

Cannot be an afterthought

If we are ever meant to heal

And let me tell you about love

Since you’ve gone and raised the subject

Love is not as simple as to comply or to object

Love is not as passive as to co-sign or to reject

Love is in the living of the truth that we are spirit

And that our worth cannot be taken

And that our worth cannot be given

And that our power does not rest

Inside how comfortably we’re living

And that our right to live and breathe

Upon an earth that remains giving

Is the truth of who we are

No matter what nonsense they’re bringing

No policy, no order

No scarcity, no border

Does anything to change that.

You want to talk about love?

Then you better be about facts.

The truth is trying to rise

Help it on its way

Listen for the words

That make your soul play

Cause if you haven’t heard?

Today’s not that day.

It’s this day.

And today

We are making a new way

Co-creating a new play

Decimating what they say

The truth will find a way

And when it does?

It’s here to stay.