I am more than the work that I produce. 

I am more than the things that I make. 

Whether I’m productive or quiet or consistent or unsure - I remain all of me. 

Whether I’m heard or ignored or amplified or supported - I remain all of me. 

Whether I show up or show out or show myself the quiet of my own company - I remain all of me. 

I produce the work. But the work does not define me. It will show you parts of me - curated in moments of quiet introspection and unapologetic realization; often unannounced and unconcerned of whatever else is going on. I’ve spent a lot of the last year learning, growing, and getting comfortable with the concept of emergence. I’ve spent a lot of the last year emerging from my own quiet with my gifts in tow. While taking time off the last few weeks to focus on love and family I had time to consider what emergence actually looks and feels like for me. Less of a Sun that rises than of a Moon that speaks in shifts. The Moon doesn’t forewarn it’s patterns - it doesn’t apologize for it’s perceived absence, it just is.

I think it’s ability to just be, and to just allow, it’s natural evolution between states of shine, is instructive. 

I’ve previously looked into all sorts of ways to be producing when I didn’t feel like it; IE scheduling posts ahead of time for days where my particular shine didn’t light up the night sky. But it never felt natural to me and so I never followed through. 

The truth is sometimes I’m present and sometimes I’m elsewhere. Sometimes I’m working and sometimes I’m simply existing. It all contributes to the work, because it’s essential to myself. And the self that I am exists outside of the work. No matter what I’m up to, I do it as all of me. That practice informs much of what I do and when I do it. 

As I gear up to get back into the swing of things- it felt important to name this. My consistency is found in my commitment to honor my own rhythms. This practice goes against what we’ve been taught but it serves to teach us who we are, and how we are, when we defer to what we need.