I regularly make time to feel into what the very best case scenario might be from here. I visualize those who are hurt; families who have been separated, people who have been incarcerated, dehumanized, turned away, marginalized, communities destroyed and traumatized — And I imagine what healing looks like. I see reunification, restoration, reparations, justice, and love made real through us. I imagine the other side of this. A celebration. Space to grieve and eat and laugh.

There’s always a lot being said. Most if it focused on the probability of certain outcomes. I don’t ascribe to that. My heart remains firmly in the realm of the best case scenario. 
To me that looks like every single one of us, waking up to our responsibility to help heal this. First by healing ourselves, which creates space and momentum for us to dismantle anything and everything that contributed to these situations. From there, with clarity, we rebuild. Our resources are limitless because our creativity is limitless.

We’ve been presented with a series of problems, longstanding and long ignored, but we are here now. We must be present to it all of it and we must seize our shared responsibility to find every possible solution to ALL OF IT. 
Our options are limitless — we only need to find the clarity and then the will.

Until the day arrives —when someone somewhere can say we did our work and we did it well, feel it’s inevitability. FEEL IT. With your heart and your spirit. When you donate, when you take action, when you protest, when you create, when you rise — do it with the knowledge that you are bringing about the inevitable.


There is power in how we see ourselves. In how we frame our work and where we place our energy. Our visions, our hopes, our dreams, are essential. We cannot relinquish any of them. Particularly on days like today. We can grieve and rage and feel it all. And then we must REFUSE to shrink in the presence of any of it — choosing instead to rise and meet all of it.

Words in the image from my poem “America Become” click here to read the rest.