It’s been a weird few months for us! Sara’s been getting through some ongoing health complications from the Mirena IUD (doing better now!) but we took some time and really slowed down which is something we’re both not inclined to do least of all after an EP release. We’re starting to ease back into the swing of things with a focus on what we really, really, really want right now. That being to record our first full length. Usually we keep stuff close until it’s finished but we want to be more open about our process. And so! Here we are sharing a recent (seamlessly introduced) clip of a new song which is part of a new series we’ll do more regularly via the hashtag #alittlesomethinmakeda. If you dig the song and want to support our adventures in making a full length - you can purchase our recent EP “I’ll Say It How I Want To” available on all the things! 

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