I am an Artist.

That means that I see things, I make things, and I channel things.

There are moments (like today) - where I get humbled and overwhelmed by the fact that these words chose me. They come through me, and so they’re mine, but they’re also more than that.

As an Artist my job is to listen, let the magic do what it does, and capture what I can when I can.

It is my hope that as I speak, and share, those who are historians, and strategists, policy makers, and organizers, economists and educators, scientists and rule breakers, business leaders and visionaries, truth tellers and revolutionaries, mystics and magicians, healers and way showers, Artists and so on — hear what I say, and do what they do with it.

The whole world over.

I am speaking to the best in those who hear what I’m transmitting.

Because here’s what I’m very clear on; these words aren’t just for me.

This message is for US, and none of US are meant to do this alone.

Which frees me up to do what I do and trust.

Which frees me up to be who I am and trust.

Which frees me up, period.


I believe in those who choose love.

I believe that love will win. ✨