Whenever anyone says that I, or any of us, “called them out” I strongly side eye the suggestion. I don’t see truth telling as calling anything anywhere. I don’t see truth telling as confrontational to another person. The truth only confronts the lies within that person. If someone isn’t prepared to relinquish those lies, if someone still identifies with those lies, then they feel attacked. But all we did was say true things. Not judgmental things. Not shaming things. Just true.

I don’t speak to the lies within you. They don’t interest me. I speak to the part of you that knows and the part of you that’s learning. And so for anyone who conflates truth telling with being “called out” hear me when I say: We don’t need to call you anywhere when life already does so every moment of every day. White supremacy is out of alignment with life itself. It is constant and insatiable death and destruction. It starts with you - it comes first for your humanity. And when that’s been destroyed, it urges you to keep taking with no regard for the self-inflicted harm that comes as a result.

Look at how we treat the Earth. Look at what is happening to the Earth. We are a species responsible for ongoing mass extinction. That’s life calling. Look at the discrepancies between how your babies are treated compared to the babies at the border. They are torturing those babies. That’s life calling, too. Always asking you to see more clearly. So you might wake up and do everything in your power to get in alignment with LIFE. With LOVE. With TRUTH. All we do is echo what life is already showing you. All we do is speak from the alignment that we’ve found. And if that makes you feel attacked? Then that’s information for you. It’s telling you where you still identify with the lies within you. It’s telling you where you need to look, and what you need to see, so you might answer life’s call. There’s no negotiating with white supremacy. There’s no negotiating with the lies you’ve been taught to identify with. Let them feel attacked. They don’t serve you - they only serve to keep you out of alignment with life itself.

Words in the image from my poem “America Become” which you can click here to read.