I wrote/ recorded this piece a few weeks ago when the FBI first announced their “new” efforts to target a manufactured group of people called “black identity extremists”. It’s hard to believe that such a blatant act of systemic unwellness could rise and fall out of the headlines so quickly. And yet, these are the times we find ourselves in. In these times, I have found comfort, strength, grace and direction from a life that lives in and around and above me. Acts of magic and¬†might that remind me of my power, and of it’s ability to ground me in a truth they cannot have. Moments of clarity amidst my ongoing dance with my ancestors, always in conversation with life itself.

Life itself longs for liberation. Life itself longs for a love made real for, by, and through us.

Life itself urges our eyes open, and our spirits forth. Asking us to see our wounds and recognize where they reside in each other. Asking us to be deliberate, conscious, and compassionate in the presence of a history that is often anything but. Calling forth our truth and our bravery, with no regard or judgement for how it shows up. Only asking that it keeps showing up.

Make no mistake; life itself stands with us. And because of that I’m unafraid. Because of that I know, that we are not alone, and that life will find a way.

Originally posted on Facebook.