There are moments where my clarity is brilliant. Where who I am, and what I’m here to do, shines through so undeniably that I have no choice but to take action, and step forward, and keep moving with overwhelming optimism. And there are moments where confusion finds me. Where insecurity finds me. Where doubts find me. Where other people’s projections find me. Where the space between visions and present realities find me. And suddenly the next step becomes a series of confusing and seemingly endless potential steps and that clarity, once brilliant and undeniable, feels stunningly absent. But the absence of clarity? Is itself a gift. An opportunity to relearn what I already know. To reclaim what I’ve already found. To reframe my perception of what is. To rediscover the same truth and to sigh out loud when it eventually and inevitably hits me all over again; “That’s right,” I’ll think to myself, “That’s who the fuck I am. That’s what I’m here to do.” 

Words in the Image Read: I am here to live a life of continuous expansion. I am here to blaze a path that eagerly rises to meet and surmount the impossible time and time again.