Shout out to the false equivalencies.

Shout out to the half truth, masked truth, and anything but the actual truth. Shout out to the standards that are not standard selectively applied so as to disguise the hypocrisy that underlies it all.

White supremacy is a hell of a high and an even heavier fall back to reality.

Pointing reckless fingers right at you and me- angry at the ways that our humanity copes with this calamity.

Absent responsibility where does that leave us?

Hurt people hurt people and hurt people don’t grieve us.

Sometimes they leave us left to pick up the pieces.

Of the things that they broke in the name of white Jesus.

Oh, Jesus.

Just leave us alone. Worry about the clutter stacking up in your home. You think you’re absolved? Think you’re heir to some throne? If you opened your mind then your mind would be blown. Come to find out these sticks and these stones. Will not protect you when the Earth is your home.

How can you ask us to be accountable for our shadows - when we are living in your shade.

Destruction is their aim and silence is their aide.

If you can’t bring yourself to love us, then just bring yourself to try. And if that doesn’t work then let survival be your guide.

Love is life - it’s just that simple. Life lives to love us all. Love goes on. It’s all a ripple. Choose to rise or choose to fall - prey to your ego, when it’s in a wounded place. But the ego transcends hollow when you teach it good and grace.

And the ego that says “WE go” or “NO go” has it’s place.

And that’s what time it is in these here United States.

Leave it up to fate?

It’s still getting set straight.

When they ask you how just tell em:

Cause life always finds a way.