Next Tuesday May 29, 2018, Makeda! is releasing the music video for “If He Gets to Be President” our lead single off our upcoming EP “I’ll Say It How I Want To” — these lyrics came through about a week after the election. I knew immediately that they were for us. For Black Women. And so before we release this video - I want to be really clear about who this particular message is for. This is a message for Black Women the whole world over. When I say “Black Women” I’m not making a distinction (and I will not make a distinction) between Trans women and cis women. I’m talking about ALL Black Women. I’m not making a distinction based on our education levels, our income brackets, where we live, how we spend our time, or what languages or dialects we speak - it doesn’t matter if you love yourself or if you’re still learning how to simply be with yourself. I’m talking about ALL Black Women. This is a message for us. Humanity was born in my birth country of Ethiopia. The oldest human remains belong to an Ethiopian Woman - The Western World calls her “Lucy” but in Ethiopia her name is Dinkinish, which translates to mean “You Are Marvelous”.  A Black Woman birthed us all. And the name of that woman, carries the truth of who we are. It carries the truth of how we are meant to carry ourselves, see ourselves, and move through the world. 

The time has come for Black Women to lead. First towards our own healing, and then in our lives; in our families, in our communities, in our cities and states, and countries. Black Women have always shown the way forward - and the time has come for everyone else to take heed. Follow, support, amplify, care for Black Women. We will look out for us all because we hold the truth of us all. Straight from the Ancestors. 

So when this song comes out, when this video comes out- I hope all kinds of people can dance and share and sing along to it. But be absolutely clear - these words, this chorus, this message, is for us. 

For Black Women. 

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