He took a knee

Only to become the tallest on the field

They scramble in his shadow

Because they are afraid

That he will realize

He has no cause to bow

To those who cower beneath him

Refusing to be in the company

Of someone who can stand in his power

Even while remaining on his knees

He took a knee

Only to become the tallest on the field

The others began to join him

So they took him off the field

Because they are afraid:

What if they all realize?

That it is possible to stand in one’s power

Even while remaining on one’s knees

He took a knee

And they will not forgive him for it

They’ve announced penalties to deter the others

They cannot bare to see them in their humanity

Because white supremacy is a thief of empathy

So they will punish anyone

Willing to lift such a powerful truth

Even as they grieve on their knees

Oh, white supremacy.

Have you learned nothing yet?

What do you think happens

Once they realize

That together on their knees

They are more powerful than you could ever be

Standing in your judgement, with your fines, and your insecurity

Unable to see the gift that they’ve brought you

A chance to be with the brutality

You’ve been taught to tune out

A chance to find your humanity

They’ve given you a way out!

Aren’t you miserable yet?

Have you not grown tired?

Truth is a flame

But love is the fire

And this love lifts them higher and higher and higher

It is LOVE that has brought them to their knees!

I hope they aren’t deterred

I hope they’re stronger still

I hope they rise and shout

And move no inches till

There is no room for doubt

And we’ve seen how we’re unwell

Until it makes us all fall down to our knees

And together on the ground

We sit humbly with the truth

We weep for what we’ve lost

And pull weeds up by their root

Mending wounds, correcting lies

Planting seeds that will bear fruit

So we might rise together off our knees

It’s all of us or none of us

Don’t let them fool you now

They may think that they benefit

But go on, tell me how

When so much of their power

Rests on what we allow

And the rest of that same power

From what they falsely disavow

It’s why they cannot stand us on our knees!

So the only thing to ask now

The only thing we need

Is to decide who we are

And let that judgement free

The truth of who we are

Is who we’ll always be

And the truth don’t give a fuck about their fees

Free at last!

Free all along

To become whole

Inside a song

With strength to bring

Us all along

Sung from our souls

And from our lungs

And with each note

Our healing comes

And with each hope

We have begun

And with our love

We rise as one

But ONLY WHEN the work is done

And the work is what has brought them

To their knees.

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