I’m having an impossible time processing what’s happening to the families at the border. White supremacy has robbed us of our collective humanity. The institutions built to uphold white supremacy will always reach for inhumanity even while everyone of these institutions is staffed by humans. Broken people who have no business being in charge of anything. This is what it looks like when broken people are empowered to make decisions for the rest of us. 

We knew that this would happen - history told us this would happen- but we still think “it could never” — even as it does! All the time! This particular human rights atrocity happening in our time, on our watch, is one of many! And the truth is that these events count on us to numb out. To stop feeling. To forget where our power lies. To allow our spirits to break. To relent to the “way things are”. NO. 

I spent last night sobbing, songwriting, and recommitting to feel this. To grieve this. To see this. We’re sharing a clip in an effort to help make noise for this - to REFUSE to be broken while calling on every goddamn force that exists for a way forward. There are a ton of organizations who need us to show up for them right now. And after we do? Then there’s going to be more organizations and more calls to action and calls to build and more people who need us to be SUPER human to make up for the broken humans who currently run things. Take care of your hearts. Feel into how you can contribute. Let’s ask ourselves: How can we love these families? Right now. Once they’ve been freed, how will we support them? How can we hold space for their trauma and their healing? How can we refuse to let this event define their lives? Every time we see someone being dehumanized - what if we rush to their aid with our love and our humanity? Overflowing, unrelenting, conscious. What happens if we decide to be with and meet ALL OF IT. To stop pretending as if we’re okay when we are TAUGHT to be broken fucking people. This is not new, but it is present. Gonna list some organizations below - think about this, feel this, help however you can. I believe in love, with my whole heart, even as it breaks. I believe that love will win.

Texas Civil Rights Project:https://texascivilrightsproject.org/newsroom/voices-of-tcrp/
Lupe: https://lupenet.org/organizing/immigration-reform/
Cara Pro Bono: http://caraprobono.org
Grassroots Leadership: https://grassrootsleadership.org/immigration
Children’s Border Project: http://www.tahirih.org/…/policy-advocacy/child-migrants/
Southwest Key: http://www.swkey.org/programs/shelters/