Do not be discouraged when they try to intimidate you.

Do not be discouraged when they try to silence you.

Do not be discouraged when they refuse to see you.

They are afraid of what we are here to teach.

We ask them to love and they seek to silence us.


Because they do not know love.

Because they are terrified of love.

Even as it hopes to help them.

Even as it seeks to hold them.

Even as it aims to heal them.

They are terrified of love.

Underneath their fragile egos?

They know they need us.

They need this medicine.

Their souls are tired.

They are desperate for what we have come to teach.

Know that in your bones.

Feel that in your spirit.

Align yourself with your work.

Align yourself with love.

Align yourself with the protection of your Ancestors.

Align yourself with the God that you are.

Align yourself with the best case scenario.

Align yourself with the truths that you hold.

Align yourself with the strength of your heart.

Align yourself with the boundaries you’ve found.

Align yourself with the trust that IT’S TIME.

It is time for us to heal. That is what we’re here to do.

Do not be discouraged.

Someday they will see us.

Someday they will thank us.

Someday they will love us.

They will plead for our forgiveness.

They will build altars to the ones they took from us.

And they will whisper to them.

Pleading for forgiveness.

Until that day arrives - they are not our concern.

Do not give them your power.

There is always another way.

There are no walls where we reside.

Know that in your bones.

Feel that in your spirit.

Focus on us.

Those who see you.

Those who root for you.

Those who heal through your particular medicine.

Those you uplift through a magic that is all your own.

Do not be discouraged.

Align and Trust.

This is where our power lives.

This is how we’re going to rise.