We see you 

Trading your compassion for your “power” 

Trading your humanity 

To sustain the lie that everything’s okay 

To sustain the lie that you are holding it together 

But we see you broken 

Unfeeling in this 

Concealing with this 

Acting out your wounds

Unleashing your pain

How small must you be 

That you would build victories

On the backs of victims

How small must you be 

That you would refuse to see us

As we simply ask you 

To see yourselves 

How have you become so broken? 

No matter what they do

Nothing will change the fact that even in this 

We have learned to better see ourselves and each other

To realize that we are one of too many 

To realize that broken people will never make us whole 

To realize that it was never our fault

We were never to blame

And even if we aren’t believed 

We will be heard

Our courage will be felt

Instructive in its clarity

That we deserve so much more than this

Unwavering in its belief 

That we will be the alchemists 

That this will end with us