Today I self-published my debut book of poetry Our Place in the Skies.

We’ve been largely offline these last few years feeling into the next iteration of our work. Part of what we’ve come to conclude is how much we value creating a space of our own. We’ve done a lot of thinking and feeling and dreaming and healing and over the next several months we’ll have more to share.

In the meantime, I’ve been writing.

Our Place in the Skies is years in the making and I’m so proud and excited to set it free. It’s available TODAY as a PDF download and it features over 200 pages of my poetry. You can click here to learn more.

The book is divided into six sections: ✨I Knew✨I Discovered✨I Alchemized✨I Remembered✨I Healed✨I Am✨and charts my own journey of reclaiming my power and aligning with the truth of who I am.

It unapologetically explores our humanity and our multi-dimensionality. It decidedly centers Blackness and confronts the lie wherever it is found. The book explores white supremacy, scarcity, artistry, spirituality, sovereignty, Earth magic, power, LOVE, aligning with life, and coming home to our bodies and the numbness they’ve been forced to endure.

This book holds the reality of the harm that’s been done, with compassion for the survival strategies that we’ve taken on so that we could be here; in this moment of collective reckoning.

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