I reject the notion that we need to choose between loving Black People and loving Veterans. 

That’s the choice that they’ve presented us with. And since this country doesn’t love Black People, and loves to pretend to love Veterans, it’s a choice that’s being given continued and continual voice. 

This false choice is an indication of how white supremacy distorts our ability to see each other. This country’s treatment of Veterans is contemptible. There are homeless Veterans, Veterans struggling with wounds both seen and unseen, Veterans struggling with mental illness, and unemployed Veterans all FIGHTING now to get care and support. And yet rather than address that for the crisis that it is — we’re taught to take issue with Colin Kaepernick? As if there aren’t Black and Brown people in the military. As if there aren’t Immigrants in the military - both Veterans and Active Members who are being deported as we speak. As if there aren’t Gay and Trans and Gender Nonconforming people in the military. All of whom are being targeted by this administration’s policies EVEN AS THEY SERVE.

Any effort to dehumanize any of us - contributes to the dehumanization of all of us. 

They don’t want us to see each other - because if we did we would have no choice but to rush to each other’s aide. We would have no choice but to recognize the LOVE inherent in what Colin Kaepernick, and Malcolm Jenkins and so many others are doing. They aren’t just football players. They are human beings - using what they’ve got, to get what we all want. 

A world that deserves us. A world that can see and hold and love all of us. 

You can’t fix what you don’t see. Get comfortable with your discomfort. It is there to show you where you’ve forgotten how to be a human being. It is there to show you where your work lives.

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