I came across a sentiment shared by James Baldwin¬†years ago that was both clarifying and instructive; “The place that I fit will not exist, until I make it.” I loved the power inherent in it. The realization that the desire to fit, the hope for acceptance and belonging and approval – all things we’re taught exist outside of ourselves, could actually and potentially exist in little ol’ me.

The idea that the path to belonging, was in fact one of creation. The knowledge that the task of creation, is in fact full of every kind of magic.

No need to conform or shrink or negotiate, no use in giving things away with the hope that each relinquished piece could earn more staying power. Why? When the place that I fit is the one that I make. Why? When the place that I’ve made, is one in which I’m never asked to be anything short of all of who I am.

Sara contributed this piece to Galchemism’s recent pop-up on Ancestors and Belonging - stoked to be part of an event uplifting the work of women of color.