Here’s the thing: I think one of the main goals of this administration is to keep us in a state of panicked reaction. To keep us in a state of grief and despondence and uncertainty. To keep us in a state of fear and distrust. To ensure that in every moment, we’re dreaming of the worst thing that can happen and preparing for it’s inevitability.

Here’s the thing: life has shown me another way. And from those lessons I have learned that we hold power in our intentions and in the actions they inspire. I think that envisioning the best thing that could happen and finding the strength to believe in it’s inevitability is a practice and a power.

I wrote these lyrics - in this music video that we’re now sharing! - within a week of the election. I wrote them for black women, and in the video description you’ll find more links to my writing that expands on that intention and on my vision for us.

Here’s the thing: I refuse to cater to one man’s insecurities, and I refuse to believe that those insecurities hold more sway than our greatest hopes, our highest selves, and the power of our love.

I refuse.

I’m not negotiating with white supremacy.

Because I believe we deserve better. Because I know who I am. Because I see our power to heal this so clearly. To create something else. I see and believe in it’s inevitability. We are in transition. Act accordingly. Feel it. In every action you take. In every protest you attend. In every boundary you enforce. Know, and believe, that you are co-creating something else.

It’s from that place, from this deep and unwavering belief and intention, that we made this music video.

We hope it sets your heart ablaze.

#NowGirlNameYourselfQueen 👑


This is A Message for Black Women

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