Give me your insecurity, your pain

Your hungry ghosts yearning to feel satiated

The wretched deluge of white ego’s demand;

Send the rest away and claim this stolen land for me.

Only to see, that you remain empty

Never made more free

By white supremacy

Chained to the misery

Of white supremacy

Smallness consumes we

And my country tis of thee

Weeps through the severity

Of white supremacy

Urging us: Get free

Of white supremacy

Clarity resets me

And love will light the way

Freedom comes through the horizon

And whispers of the day

When the insecure whims of a man

Fall to the wayside of a generous land

And the people rise up

And the angels stand

And we are made whole

Through our shared command

That loving you, need not take from me

America BECOME

What you promised to be.