We aren’t wrong to love each other

We aren’t wrong to grieve each other

We aren’t wrong to rise together

We aren’t wrong to change the weather

We aren’t wrong to exist

We aren’t wrong to persist

We aren’t wrong to be pissed

Never wrong to insist

That you get your shit together

You’re a human, right? Remember!

Walking small as an oppressor

When you are your own aggressor

And the sooner your remember

That hate holds no kinda treasure

Then the sooner you can sever

Your existence as whatever

You rely on the lie

That you’re better than me

But white supremacy’s

An act of codependency

Just wake up and you will see

You ain’t nothing without me

How’s that any kind of free?

How’s that any way to be?

You aren’t wrong to change your mind

You aren’t wrong to try and find

Where your heart transcends your mind

Where your soul has been designed

To reflect the whole divine

Yet your soul has been maligned

By a lie that’s not refined

Now I’m here to underline

That we’ve come to a new time

Heard me right inside this rhyme

Just sit tight I’m gonna shine

Till our hearts transcend our minds

Welcome to our paradigm

Get on up, you know it’s time

Welcome to our paradigm

Nothings’ stopping us this time