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Life Lives to Love
Sara Haile-Mariam | July 18, 2018

Shout out to the false equivalencies. Shout out to the half truth, masked truth, and anything but the actual truth. Shout out to the standards that are not standard selectively applied so as to disguise the hypocrisy that underlies it all. White supremacy is a hell of a high and an even heavier fall back to reality. Pointing reckless fingers right at you and me- angry at the ways that our humanity copes with this calamity.

Loving Black People
Sara Haile-Mariam | July 16, 2018

I Love Black People. When I see us? I see where our humanity meets our divinity. I see where our wounds meet our completeness. I see where we hurt. I see how we heal. I see when we rise. I see US. And because of that - I will do everything in my power to never harm us. If I see a Black Person being harmful - I will speak to their completeness.

Where Our Power Lives
Sara Haile-Mariam | July 16, 2018

Do not be discouraged when they try to intimidate you. Do not be discouraged when they try to silence you. Do not be discouraged when they refuse to see you. They are afraid of what we are here to teach. We ask them to love and they seek to silence us. Why? Because they do not know love. Because they are terrified of love. Even as it hopes to help them.