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Black Lives Matter (Unequivocally)
Sara Haile-Mariam | August 15, 2018

The need to respond to Black Lives Matter with anything other than: yes, unequivocally, is evidence of where Anti-Blackness lives. There is a deep discomfort with acknowledging our humanity without a caveat or a qualifier or a “only if this is met first” and even then it’s a false negotiation. “All Lives” Blue Lives” are both responses that are more focused on disproving than affirming. It’s meant to start an argument because what’s being unsaid is that Black Lives don’t matter enough to have a moment of uninterrupted recognition.

Reclaiming Consistency
Sara Haile-Mariam | August 15, 2018

Sometimes being consistent means taking a break. Sometimes being consistent means taking a step back. Sometimes being consistent means pushing myself outside of my comfort zone. Sometimes being consistent means being okay with feeling uncomfortable or unsure. The more I reclaim my notion of “showing up consistently” or even my relationship to my “work ethic” from external rewards and external outcomes, the more I find inner alignment. The more I find inner alignment, the more the world around me shifts to reflect what I’ve found.

States of Shine
Sara Haile-Mariam | August 13, 2018

I am more than the work that I produce. I am more than the things that I make. Whether I’m productive or quiet or consistent or unsure - I remain all of me. Whether I’m heard or ignored or amplified or supported - I remain all of me. Whether I show up or show out or show myself the quiet of my own company - I remain all of me. I produce the work.